Veronica is typically found in shades of blue and purple, along with bright white. This versatile flower is fantastic for adding both height and texture, making it especially appealing in wildflower bouquets and arrangements. The range of colours and its distinctive form make Veronica a valuable addition, contributing to the visual interest and dynamic composition of various floral designs.

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Design Tips

Veronica brings a wild and natural design element to floral creations with its impressive height and gorgeous texture. Whether used as an accent or line flower in bouquets and arrangements, Veronica also proves to be a fitting choice for bridal bouquets and corsages. To ensure freshness, it is crucial to hydrate Veronica well before designing, and arrangements should ideally be created as close to the event as possible.

To maintain the quality of the arrangement, any leaves that may fall below the water level should be stripped. This helps prevent contamination of the vase solution and the potential for rotting stems. As a particularly thirsty flower, it's important to check the flower food solution levels regularly and replenish as needed. This attention to hydration and care ensures that Veronica remains vibrant and enhances the overall appeal of floral designs.

Vase Life

7-14 days

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Veronica Spray Caya

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Veronica Enjoyce

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Veronica Artist PInk

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Veronica Diana

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Veronica June Lilac

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Veronica Iselle

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Veronica Spray Iselle

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Veronica Smart Navy Blue

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Veronica Smart Jewel

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Veronica White