gracefully reach outward. Traditionally associated with spring and early summer, peony bouquets are a delightful addition to any occasion, lending their bright colours and pleasing fragrance to uplift the mood. These flowers typically appear solitary at the ends of stems, existing in both single and double varieties with numerous petals, measuring between 2 to 5 plus inches (5-13 cm) across.

Peonies exhibit a diverse colour range, including white, pink, yellow, red, burgundy, rose, salmon, and maroon. When harvested, they are ideally still in their bud form, resembling small buds. Interestingly, a peony in its golf-ball size bud form can unfurl to three times its size in just a day or two, allowing one to witness the stunning transformation as they bloom into their full glory.

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Design Tips

Peonies stand out as breathtaking additions to any arrangement style. Their elegant and long-lasting nature makes them suitable for use as a focal point or blended with other flowers, creating a soft and romantic aesthetic. When incorporating peonies into arrangements, it's essential to cut their stems at an angle before inserting them into foam. This practice not only ensures proper hydration but also contributes to the overall longevity and visual appeal of the arrangement.

Vase Life

5-8 days

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Peony Coral Sunset


Peony Flame


Peony Odile


Peony Gardenia


Peony Alertie

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Peony Coral Charm

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Peony Pecher

Peony Pecher | 50 cm | 10 per pack
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Peony Catherina Fontijn

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Peony Bowl of Cream

Peony Bowl of Cream | 50 cm | 10 pack
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Peony Claud Tain

Peony Claud Tain | 50 cm | 10 stems
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