The Lisianthus bears a striking resemblance to a rose, featuring tightly closed buds on elongated stems. As the flower unfurls, the ruffled petals impart a graceful and charming appearance reminiscent of a wild rose. The multi-branched stems host several buds that open successively, creating an engaging visual display. Lisianthus flowers are available in a range of colors, including white, lavender, purple, pink, and various bi-color combinations. These cupped flowers measure approximately 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter and can extend up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) in length.

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Design Tips

Well-hydrated Lisianthus adds a distinctive design element, seamlessly combining elegance with a touch of wildness. These versatile flowers can be used in a mixed arrangement with other blooms or in large bunches, creating a magnificent display with an impressive vase life. Lisianthus stands out for its adaptability, complementing various types of arrangements, including contemporary, country, and romantic styles.

During the arrangement process, it's essential to consider that Lisianthus blooms are substantial and carried on slender stems. Designing with attention to the weight ensures that the flower heads remain upright for an aesthetically pleasing result. Lisianthus boasts a prolonged lifespan, making it an excellent choice for corsage work. However, it's worth noting their sensitivity to gravity – if held horizontally at ambient temperatures, the stems may bend upwards.

With its ruffled, delicate petals and subtle colours, Lisianthus becomes an ideal floral choice for romantic occasions, adding a touch of grace and charm to special moments.

Vase Life

14-21 days

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Lisianthus Piccolo Rose

From £23.16 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Piccolo White

From £23.16 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Piccolo Yellow

From £27.48 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Falda Apricot

From £23.16 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Rosita Green

From £27.48 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Rosita Yellow

From £23.16 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Corelli Lavender

From £27.48 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Arosa Red

From £21.00 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Megalo Light Champagne

From £27.48 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Alissa Yellow

From £27.48 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Rosita Pink

From £23.16 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Piccolo Violet

From £21.84 (inc VAT)

Lisianthus Lissane PInk

From £23.16 (inc VAT)