Limonium & Statice

Limonium, a popular and resilient filler flower, finds use in both fresh and dried bouquets. Its flowers are arranged in loose panicles and branching spikes, featuring stems that are winged and branched, measuring between 24 to 36 inches in length (61-91 cm). Limonium displays tiny flowers adorned with coloured papery bracts, forming one-sided ranked clusters at the ends of the stems.

The most popular colours for Limonium include blue, purple, and lavender, while it is also available in white, pink, and yellow varieties. It's important to note that Limonium flowers have a distinctive smell that can be perceived as unpleasant. Despite the odor, Limonium's versatility and endurance make it a favoured choice for enhancing the texture and visual interest of floral arrangements, whether fresh or preserved.

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Design Tips

Limonium, often used as a filler flower, contributes a delicate texture to floral design. Its light and delicate appearance make it an excellent choice for enhancing bouquets and various design work. Limonium is particularly well-suited for drying, and the process involves cutting the stems and hanging them upside down in a cool, airy place.

However, it's essential to be mindful of Limonium's natural musky odor, which some people liken to cat urine. Due to this distinctive scent, it is recommended not to use Limonium in arrangements planned for confined areas with limited air circulation. Despite this olfactory consideration, the visual appeal and drying capabilities of Limonium make it a valuable addition to floral compositions, adding texture and interest to both fresh and preserved arrangements.

Vase Life

4-16 days

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Limonium China White

From £16.60 (inc VAT)

Limonium Safora Oshi

From £14.28 (inc VAT)

Statice Crystal Dark Blue

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Limonium Scar Diamond

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Limonium Pink Anouchka Diamond

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Limonium Pink Beau


Statice Sky Wings


Limonium Pina Colada

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Limonium Yellow Wings

Limonium Yellow Wings | 60cm | 5 stems

Limonium Safora Blue

Limonium Safora Blue | 60cm | 10 stems