Small, flat flowers with star-like petals are arranged in dense, round clusters, reaching up to 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter. Generally lacking fragrance, these flowers are commonly found in hues of blue, pink, white, green, and antique rose. The unique star-shaped petal arrangement contributes to the visual appeal of these clusters, adding a charming and distinctive touch to floral arrangements.

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Design Tips

Hydrangeas serve as a wonderful mass flower, offering both beautiful coloration and textural interest in large arrangements. Renowned for their popularity in wedding design, these flowers, with mature and fully developed clusters, can also be dried for lasting enjoyment. It's essential to note that the size of the flower may limit design capabilities. Prior to designing, ensure that the stems are well-hydrated, and consider using a finishing spray to maintain the freshness and hydration of the blooms throughout the arrangement's display.

Vase Life

5 - 10 days

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