Characterized by tiny, densely clustered florets on multi-branched sprays, these flowers present a charming aesthetic. The multiple branches per stem contribute to the formation of a full, rounded bunch, making them versatile as both a standalone feature or as an accent flower in arrangements. These delightful clusters of florets are offered in an array of shades, including pink, lavender, white, salmon, crimson, purple, and various bi-colour combinations. Their petite and abundant blooms make them a delightful addition to floral displays.

Design Tips

Sweet William is a robust and enduring flower that thrives equally well in both floral foam and vases. Its versatility shines whether used as an accent flower or arranged in large, vibrant clusters for a dynamic visual impact. Ideal for creating a single bridal bouquet or achieving a rounded Biedermeier style, these delicate accent flowers are readily available year-round. As relatives of Carnations, Sweet William shares the longevity and excellent performance, making it a reliable and enduring choice in floral designs.

Vase Life

4-10 days

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